Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights

In this day and age, when the energy resources are being wasted every single second, it has become important for the people to go green. Solar street lights are a step taken up in that direction only. These lights don’t run on conventional power, but are run by the solar energy. Solar Street lights are the invention of the latest technology. They help in reducing the electricity consumption of any country, dramatically. They are worth every single penny that goes in its installation. Installation cost is the only cost, which the government has to bear, rest it doesn’t call for any maintenance.

Solar street lights are economically viable and are being put to use in most of the developing countries. Change has begun in the right direction with the increase in use of these lights. Solar street lights don’t require any excavation or any huge amount of labor work in their installation, as there are no cables attached to them. They have solar panels affixed to them that get charged by the sunlight and that makes them light up during the night. These panels must be properly aligned in the right direction, so that they can collect as much sunlight as possible. The operation of solar street lights, from dusk to dawn, is controlled by the photocell integrated within them.

Solar street lights are getting popular by day because they make the roads safe at night at a very effective cost. Basically, the general public pays the taxes for such services, and when there will be no cost attached to the street lights working, automatically the taxes will lower down. It is a win-win situation for both the public and the environment, as it doesn’t work on the power of fossil fuels. Another major advantage of solar street lights is that they work in any condition whether there’s power or not. For example, after any natural calamity, like a storm, hurricane or a blizzard, many lights get damaged and they don’t work because the power lines fail. But these lights work, because of sun’s natural power and they help in safeguarding the streets at night in a horrendous moment like the one aforesaid.

Solar street lights have lower power consumption and higher power efficacy. These lights have a longer lifetime as well when compared to conventional street lights. Solar street lights can work up to 50,000 hours, if there’s no major damage done to them. These lights don’t require a regular maintenance; all they need is a regular check up to see if everything is working optimally.

Solar street lights are no doubt the lights of the future. They are getting accepted by the day, by all the countries because of their numerous advantages for the earth. Street lights are a necessity of every country and going solar with these lights, will definitely have a huge impact in the conservation of power. That day is not far away, when every street in the world will be lit up by the solar street lights and every country will go green with its usage.

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