Solar Products

Solar Products

The word “solar” has a huge implication in the lives of human beings in the present time. Earlier, when the fossil fuels were in abundance and there were plenty of resources to waste, the word “solar” didn’t hold much significance in anyone’s life. But now the time has changed and the wastage of fossil fuels is reaching its pinnacle. Fossil fuels are non-renewable source of power and they are being exhausted by the humans at an unbelievable rate. That time is not far away, when there’ll be no more fuel to burn and hence, no more power to waste. It could lead the world to utter darkness. To avert such dreadful time, alternatives for power need to be thought about. Solar power is the alternative in everyone’s mind nowadays because of its abundant advantages. Solar power is generated when the sun’s radiations are harnessed effectively to produce electricity. This electricity, in effect, facilitates the functioning of the solar products.

What are solar products? Solar products are those products that run on the power of sun, unlike the grid-power. There are many solar products invented by the humans, to save as much power as they can, for the future. Some of the solar products are solar lights, solar cells, solar fans, solar water pumps, solar refrigerators, solar televisions, solar coolers, solar air conditioners, etc. All these solar products work as a substitute to the conventional products that operate on grid- power and are the cause for heavy electricity bills. Solar products are very economical as they have no running cost attached to them. They are powered by the solar energy that is absolutely free of cost and is 100 percent renewable. Solar products are eco-friendly as well. They don’t cause pollution at all and certainly don’t contribute to global warming and ozone depletion.

Solar Lights

Solar lights are one of the solar products that are in vogue right now for various reasons. These lights are used as a decorative item as well as for safety purposes. These are installed in the patio to add to the beauty of the landscape during the night. These lights turn on automatically when it begins to dawn. They don’t add to the electricity bill, so they remain on throughout the entire night. Solar lights with motion detectors in them, light up when there is some sort of motion around them. These help in securing the household during the night.

Solar Fans

Solar fans are one of the next best solar products that prove a boon for human beings. These fans are installed in the attic of the house. They help in ventilating the heat accumulated in the attic, which is responsible for the increased temperature of the entire house. As heat in the house increases, the work load on air conditioners rises consequentially. This ends up in heavy electric bills. Solar fans operate on solar power, and when they aerate the heat out from the attic, there’s moderation of temperature and no more burden on the air conditioners. Thus, there is a cutback in electric bills, during the summers. Even in winters, solar fans vents out the heat from the attic and therefore prevents the melting of the snow on the roof, which actually ends up as a puddle surrounding the entire house.

Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumps are very beneficial for the poverty stricken people who can’t afford a conventional water pump to meet their water needs. These pumps, like other solar products, run on solar power and don’t need a huge set up. So, they can be used in the remote areas to excavate water easily. They have almost zilch maintenance cost and are very eco-friendly. They are even used by the nursery owners, who require a constant supply of water and that could mean huge electric bills, if they use traditional water pumps.

Solar Refrigerators

Solar refrigerators are one the solar products, that have been invented out of necessity, rather than as a substitute for conventional refrigerators. These are mainly being used in the developing countries, where there’s no power supply and majority of the population is living below the poverty line. They too, require a refrigerator to protect their food and vaccines from getting spoiled. Thus, solar refrigerators were invented, which only require sunlight and water for its operation. They don’t even have the hazardous elements like chlorofluorocarbons, which are present in the conventional refrigerators that cause the depletion of the ozone layer.

Solar Televisions

Solar televisions is one the solar products that hasn’t been perfected as of now, but it’s being worked upon arduously. It’s a product of the future because it saves a huge amount of power. Televisions remain turned on 24/7 in majority of the households and that’s the reason behind high electricity bills. With solar televisions the electricity bills would surely go down to the bare minimum.

Solar Coolers

Solar coolers and solar air conditioners, too, are a fantastic human invention. As everyone knows, that global warming is happening and its consequences are inevitable. Global warming will cause the unbalance of temperatures and that will lead to extremely hot summers and exceedingly cold winters. Solar coolers and solar air conditioners would surely help those people where there’s no electricity. These will become the most demanded solar products in the coming future.

Solar products are the call of the future. There’s no denying of their cost-effectiveness, their eco-friendliness and their being the best alternatives of power for the human race. These products are becoming popular by the day around the globe. This is because people are getting conscious about the dreadful penalty they’ll have to pay for wasting the fossil fuels. So, to save earth, do your bit and go solar with these products.

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