Solar Ingots

Solar Ingots

Solar Ingots are materials that can be cast into different shapes so that they can further be processed to make solar products like silicon solar cells, silicon wafers etc.

In the manufacturing of silicon wafers, solar ingots, which are formed of silicon which is very pure in nature, are cast into cylindrical shapes for further processing. The solar ingots are then cut, using saws or other cutting devices, in thin circular shapes which result in formation of silicon wafers. Using the solar ingots, the silicon wafers, which are prepared so far, are then thoroughly cleaned to remove the impurities and are also properly shaped to increase their efficiency.

There are many reasons why solar products should be used as a cleaner and more efficient source of energy. It becomes imperative to save on the manufacturing costs of solar ingots, silicon wafers and silicon solar cells so that their market price is very cheap and a lot of people use them in their daily lives.

There has also been an increase in the use of solar ingots and other solar products like solar water heaters, solar panels, silicon wafers etc. in the last decade. To increase the growth rate of such products and hence their daily use, various new furnaces as well as new crystallization processes have been developed in due course of time.

We hope that there will be a significant increase in the number of solar products which are being sold in each and every country.

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