Solar Cells

Solar Cells

Have you wondered that you can use calculators without batteries? In this age of technological revolution where saving energy and using renewable sources of energy are stressed, it is indeed possible to save energy if you use solar powered products. Not only they are environment friendly but they have many more advantages to them. Solar powered products such as solar calculators, watches, radio are already popular in the existing market.

Solar cells are semi conductor devices which use sunlight to produce electricity. They are manufactured and processed in a similar fashion as computer memory chips. Solar cells are primarily made up of silicon which absorbs the photons emitted by sun’s rays. The process was discovered as early as 1839. Silicon wafers are doped and the electrical contacts are put in place to connect each solar cell to another. The resulting silicon disks are given an anti reflective coating. This coating protects sunlight loss. The solar cells are then encapsulated and placed in an aluminum frame. The process requires continuous monitoring to ensure quality control over a period of time. After the manufacturing process is complete they undergo final test to check their efficiency under normal conditions.

Solar cells provide more energy than other conventional sources with an additional advantage of being light weight and cost effective. Developing cheaper alternatives to solar cells such as amorphous silicon and polycrystalline silicon are also in the pipeline. Current research reveals that in order to increase the amount of sunlight effectively used and focusing it, prismatic lenses and layers of different materials could also be used. Solar cells are very reliable and the solar powered product can run unattended. The use of solar cells demands very little maintenance in their upkeep and are easy to install. You don’t need any wires or cords as with other conventional power sources. A wide range of solar products such as solar heating system, cabin kits, car battery chargers, calculators, cookers, power kits, power inverters, ventilators etc are available to the consumers today. Solar cells are also noiseless and non-polluting. We do not need heavy machines in their manufacture and hence no carbon dioxide or other harmful greenhouse gases are produced in the process. They have good efficiency and are long lasting.

Some of the mail applications of solar cells and solar powered products are:

* The utility grids are used to supplement the energy requirements of electrical grids for the house or commercial purposes.
* To ensure continued power, solar cells could be used to charge battery back up systems.
* Underdeveloped and developing countries can specifically benefit from solar power where electric services have not been developed as yet.
* Solar panels can be used for electricity supply in remote areas.
* Solar cells are capable of replacing battery run products such torches, lamps, other luminaries, blinker, module laminator, controllers or solar vacuum tubes.

Solar cells costs are expected to fall because of ever increasing applications, so consumers can look forward to solar powered products as never before. Solar cells are becoming more and more commercially viable in the market with technological advancements and growing interest in greener solutions for future.

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