Solar Attic Fans

Solar Attic Fans

Those of you, who have huge houses with attics in them, must get solar attic fans installed in their houses. Solar fans are a great invention that helps in cutting down the electricity bills of any house. These fans work on solar energy and don’t require any conventional power. Solar attic fans have photovoltaic modules incorporated in them, which convert the sun’s light directly into electricity that powers the motor of the fan. The main function of solar attic fans is to reduce the temperature of the attics that can rise up to 160 degrees F.

In the summers, when the sun shines in its full glory, the temperature of the attics rises up and that heat gets transferred to the entire house. That time an air conditioner is put to best use and the electricity bills touches the ceilings. Solar fans helps in venting out the hot air from the attics and thus reducing the work load on the air conditioners. These fans aren’t just about the summers; they are very beneficial during the winters as well. When the snow get accumulated on the roof of the house, the heat trapped in the attic makes that snow melt and hence, creates a puddle surrounding the entire house. Solar fans exhaust the trapped heat and prevent such happening.

Solar attic fans run the fastest when the sun shines the strongest, thereby keeping the overall temperature of the house neutral all year round, be it hot or cold. These fans even prevent the growth of mildew and molds in the attic due to the moisture that gathers up in the attic, owing to the household activities like cooking, washing, showering, etc. Solar fans aerate this moisture and protect the wooden attic structure.

Solar fans have no maintenance or operating cost attached to it. They do not even require any installation cost. You don’t need any electrician to install these fans in your attic. You can do it yourself, very easily. You just need to put a hole in the drywall and install it in there. Solar fans are cost-effective and they have a very long lifespan.

Solar fans are available in three styles: the gable fan, the curb mounted fan and the self flashing roof fan. The first one exhausts the air horizontally through the gable end of the roof. The second type gets attached over a curb that is appended to the roof and the third type is affixed directly to the roof because the fan base is flat.

Solar fans are godsend to humans in this day and age, when global warming is happening at an unbelievable rate. Not only they help in lowering down the house temperature, they make use of the renewable source of energy. Utilizing the solar energy to its full potential is one step forward towards a green and healthy future. Saving the electricity and in turn the power, with these fans, will surely help the future generations to see some amount of beautiful earth that’s present today.

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