Silicon Wafers

Silicon Wafers

A silicon wafer is a thin slice of crystal semiconductor, such as a material made up from silicon crystal, which is circular in shape. Silicon wafers are made up of pure and single crystalline material. They are used in the manufacturing of semiconductor devices, integrated circuits and other small devices. There are multiple processes through which silicon wafers are manufactured. One such process which is widely used by most of the silicon wafers manufacturers is the Czochralski Growth process.

Silicon Wafers Manufacturing Process

Ingots, made up of silicon is which very pure, are cast into cylindrical shapes. This is done by pulling the seed crystal from a molden melt. The ingots are then cut, using saws or other cutting devices, in thin circular shapes which result in formation of silicon wafers. The wafers, hence created, are thoroughly cleaned after this process to remove the impurities and are also properly shaped to increase their efficiency. Once the cleaning and shaping up of the silicon wafers is done, they can then be doped so that they acquire the electronics technicalities as desired by the silicon wafers manufacturers. This process takes a lot of time and efforts and due care must be taken in each and every stage of this process to ensure the accurate results. Silicon wafers are available in different sizes and dimensions as desired by the silicon wafers manufacturers.

Silicons wafers have amazing mechanical and electrical properties and due to the same reason, they are the most widely used wafers in the industry today. They capture a huge portion of the market and are able to satisfy almost all of the needs of their customers. One of the majorly used products in which they are used are silicon solar cells which are now very popular all over the world.

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